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Micro Kichen Units Example

Step 1

Go to the section that best suits your available space. Standard Kitchens come in widths of 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

Step 2

Move down the page referring to the tick boxes until you find the kitchen that best suits your needs. Check the line drawing to see how the kitchen is configured and to double check that you have the most suited option.

Step 3

Note the product code in heavy blue type.
All Gallery Micro Kitchens are available either with or without hotplates. If you do want hotplates, simply prefix the code with K.
If you don‘t want hotplates, prefix the code with T.
All kitchens are also available with the sink bowl at either side. For a sink to the left, suffix the code with L and for a sink to the right suffix the code R.
Please indicate if you require your kitchen finished in stainless steel by prefixing the code with S.
Unless otherwise stated, all kitchens are finished in white powder coat.


KD12/WMR represents a 1200mm wide unit with hotplates, refrigerator with 3 star freezer box, 2 pan drawers, wall cabinets, back panel, an eye level microwave with grill and a right sided sink, finished with white powder coat.

STDW15L represents a 1500mm wide unit with refrigerator with 3 star freezer box, pan drawer, dishwasher, a left sided sink and no hotplates, finished in stainless steel.

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