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Office workers in MIcro Kitchen Solution

What is the Micro Kitchen and what can it do for you?

The Micro Kitchen is a stainless steel steel modular system that, unlike chipwood flatpack kitchens, doesn't absorb moisture.
This means it has a limitless functioning lifetime and is easier to clean and maintain. Importantly, if components fail through misuse, they can be simply and easily replaced.

Powder coated or stainless steel construction ensures solid dependability.

Multiple occupancy solutions are easily achieved, including built-in lockable refrigerators on request.

Safety is paramount, for which a hob cutout timer is provided as standard.

We can also provide a tea point back panel, for solutions measuring 1200, 1500 and 1800mm.

A highly efficient boiler, steel back panel and shelves, as well as multiple worktop options are available.

Mother and daughter with a residential Micro Module Kitchen Solution

Power supply couldn't be easier. You can order entire kitchens complete with appliances which operate from a simple plug-in 13 amp spur.
A one year guarantee and a stringent EU and DIN testing specification compliment the kitchen.

With the base units pre-assembled, wall units can also be assembled for large scale orders, The units can be dismantled for ease of movement and installation.

Example units

What does it cost?

For a permanent system starting at only around £1000, the Micro Kitchen represents an outstanding opportunity to install your kitchen solution once and once only, at a seriously competitive price.
This system genuinely outlasts competitor kitchens of MDF and chipwood construction which would normally have to be replaced on a regular basis.
Start saving money and order now!

Affordable solutions ideal for:

construction site workers using micro kitchenMicro kitchen in office environmentMicro kitchen in a hospital ward environment

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