Our G2Techk Energy Services business provides access to our electrical & gas engineers, energy auditing, safety testing, electrical and gas services testing, boiler maintenance and removal, heating installation and maintenance, gas heating removal, maintenance and testing ,PAT testing referral and  installation of ground source and air source heat pumps and other thermal energy solutions. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Services.

The next stage of the G2Techk evolution has been to consult on, develop initiatives for and install renewable energy solution projects for energy sharing collectives and co-operatives for the residential, commercial, industrial and farming sectors. It makes sense to share any spare energy that is not used or when your battery storage is at full capacity. The technology to share solar wind and water generated power is now available and can be utilised  for neighbour to neighbour, business to business, business to residential, farm to farm or farm to business and farm to residential. Having an energy supply care of G2Techk and taking advantage of the natural resources of sun, wind and water is the way forward.


Working with energy partners, contractors and experts in the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IEET/IET/MIET), The Academy of Experts, The Expert Witness Institute (MEWI), Chartered Electrical and Gas Engineering Specialists, Chartered Engineers, The Institute Of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) Chartered Structural Engineers & Fenestration experts (MWCIA), Association of Building Engineers (ABI) and Structural Architects, we provide structural, electrical and gas engineering services and forensic analysis, services for tribunals, mediation, arbitration and expert witness reports for civil court cases. Our expert team have represented firms such as Price Waterhouse, Slaughter and May, Baker McKenzie, Norweb, South Eastern Electricity Board (later becoming EDF Energy Networks and now known as UK Power Networks), Manweb (SP) and East Midlands Electricity (later part of N Power and now E.ON).


To help you on your energy journey or to enquire please email us on: services@g2tek-fid.co.uk with your name, address, contact phone number and details of your enquiry and we will contact you back soon.

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