G2Techk Training Academy, Consultancy & Educational Services.


G2Techk provides on site training, consultancy and E-Learning for renewable energy and heating solutions, our own technologies such as G2Temps infrared heating paint and infrared technology in general, solar canopy, and energy saving benefits, sales and marketing & installation courses, an introduction into the industry and how to make a career or build a business for what is now commonly referred to as the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’. There is no better time than now to learn about the industry. 


You may simply want a quick training course in how renewable energy, solar and alternative heating technologies work. If you are interested in a career in the industry,or working with us or wanting to start a business in the industry we can provide you with a dedicated training course and advice.


Alternatively, you may be seeking to increase your knowledge in renewable energy because you are wanting to have these technologies installed into your home and business.


To book our G2Techk Training Academy Services call 01422 349040  or drop us an email info@g2tek-fid.co.uk explaining what services it is that you require.

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