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Halifax Kitchen Showroom featuring  167 and more examples of luxury kitchens, mid ranged cost kitchens, exclusive bespoke kitchen designs and various kitchen solutions for all reasonable budgets. We provide kitchen design, cabinet making, kitchen installation, kitchen survey & kitchen consultancy both locally and throughout the UK including our Harrogate kitchens, Leeds Kitchens, Cheshire kitchens, London kitchens and Wetherby kitchens services. We supply Kitchens internationally too.


Whilst endeavoring to meet your expectations, we are a Halifax kitchen manufacturer, British kitchen manufacturer, kitchen installers of indoor and outdoor Kitchens, accomplished UK and Halifax kitchen fitters and leading kitchen designer of handmade kitchens, British Kitchen designs, German Kitchens, Italian Kitchens, French Kitchens, and American Kitchen projects. The Gallery also offers its client’s the opportunity to have their own unique kitchen, the very best that will stand out and be a fantastic working kitchen and talking point in your home.


Gallery Kitchen Design Interiors & Furniture (GKD) are also bespoke kitchen fitters providing handcrafted Kitchens to Halifax & West Yorkshire, Kitchens Cheshire, bespoke Harrogate kitchen cabinet making solutions & kitchen fitting Leeds, Ilkley & we are also a London kitchen supplier offering a fitted Kitchen service. Our portfolio includes exclusive stunning kitchen designs from our handmade British London kitchen portfolio, our prestige La Premier range, our Gallery Kitchen Collection and other styles.


We exhibit at Channel 4 TV’S Media 10’s Grand Designs Live & UK Construction shows. Click on the banner below for information.

For our bespoke kitchen collections please click on the four images below then scroll down for the rest of our material themed, kitchen collections and for kitchens for all reasonable budgets.

Luxury Handmade British Kitchens, London, Portfolio

The Gallery is proud to have accomplished national & European award-winning designer Darren Jenner on board with us, featuring his prestigious work that had previously been seen in the South of England and featured at bespoke showroom appliance manufacturer Sub-Zero Wolf at 251 Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London.  Awards include a 12 Judge panel award of ‘Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Magazine’ ‘Kitchen Designer of the Year 2013’ and 2013 regional runner up in the ‘Best Traditional Kitchen Design category competition, run by Sub Zero Wolf. Click on the image or title above to find inspiration from this collection’s bespoke Kitchens designs. Alternatively, commission us for an exclusive or a limited addition design in keeping with the styles in this collection. 

Yacht Kitchens & Galley Kitchens

Yacht kitchens & galley Kitchens are crafted by our specialist fabrication team for some of the most luxurious super yachts and exclusive sailing boats. A portfolio of work is at hand to demonstrate that everything you need for entertaining and dining both in and out of port is incorporated into your design. We are also happy to design, supply and or install other styles and types of kitchens as featured in the kitchen section of this website. This includes much simpler boat kitchens and craft solutions.

La Premier Kitchen Collection

Click on the image or title above to see our passion for creative interior design & attention to detail with this bespoke collection of the finest unique handmade luxurious fitted kitchen furniture. Classic & contemporary kitchens from our acclaimed kitchen design team including solid wood kitchens, unusual timbers, painted kitchens & distinctive engineered finishes are just some examples from our portfolio. 

Hand Built Oven & Kitchen

The epitome of hand craftsmanship is demonstrated in exclusive French La Cornue (Est 1908) & Lacanche Range Ovens (Est in the 1800s) which complement the traditional and modern kitchens designed in this collection. The Ovens also feature in the homes of some of the most prominent Chefs in the industry.

To view our next three kitchen collections click on the images below and for the rest scroll down the page. 

The Gallery Kitchen Collection

This specialist collection of kitchens brings together both traditional and modern styles. We will always endeavor to  meet your expectations and turn your kitchen into a real discussion point in your home. A choice of high-quality wood, painted, vinyl, and lacquered door finishes feature in this collection. Worktops and appliances of your choosing can be added into the design.

Concrete Kitchens

Concrete can be designed as the main structural element of your kitchen. Alternatively, engineered concrete, stone & basalt effect doors are available for your design. This collection of concrete kitchens also features credenza style island solutions, floating island and other stunning designs, or you can simply finish your kitchen off in a statement concrete or concrete effect worktop.


Timber, Rock & Stone kitchens

This organic kitchen showroom collection enables your kitchen to be lived & used in harmony with nature. Our kitchens are created from rustic wood and stone with decor & interior finishes to match. This allows you to enjoy your working kitchen in both traditional and modern environments.


With 35 years experience in Catering Kitchen design and installation & more than 20 years of designing residential kitchens & interiors, we understand your project aspirations, ideas & concepts by developing them with you or for you. We give care & attention to how you cook, how you use your existing kitchen, & how you interact with those around you. We take into account how the flow of your new kitchen should work, its connection to your dining area & other parts of your home.


The most important room in the house is the Kitchen, where you cook & breathe aromas that tell a story of food from local, traditional & distant cultures. It is where recipes are passed down from generation to generation & new trends are tried out. The kitchen & dining room is the place for family, socialising & occasional business communication over the main meal of the day. Our kitchens are designed to celebrate these sentiments in comfort, style, & with functionality. You can experience this in our working food bar demo kitchen, enjoying a beverage & a warm welcome as you browse around our showroom.


Our philosophy is to ensure the durability of your kitchen by the quality of the materials we use so that it is created to your exact requirements, needs and the look you desire. We design and install handcrafted kitchens in timber, sustainable wood, solid wood, painted cabinetry, stainless steel, water resistant & acrylic resin, natural stone, concrete, veneered and engineered wood. 


For the rest of our kitchen collections please scroll down and click on each of the images below. 

Granite Kitchens & Credenza Island Kitchen Projects

Our granite kitchen islands & Credenza Kitchen Island shapes are based on the Italian word Credenza meaning “belief” or English “credence”- traditional or modern furniture sideboards with or without legs. We craft these into larger functional bespoke show piece kitchen islands. This requires us to source some of the worlds strongest fossilised deep quarry natural granite stone, the best timbers and other unique materials.



Stainless Steel Kitchens

This collection offers modern stainless-steel Kitchens with clean lines, functionality, precision engineered durability, and cutting-edge industrial styling. Single piece steel worktops feature seamlessly welded sink bowls, cut-outs, varied profiles and are mounted on a waterproof board sub-frame for additional strength.

Copper Kitchens, Copper Finishes & Trims.

Building or Finishing your kitchen in Copper can be a spectacular feature to your kitchen Space and add another conversation point to your home.

Micro Kitchens, Mini Kitchens, Modular Kitchens, Compact Kitchens, Office Kitchens, Student Accommodation Kitchens.

Micro Kitchens, Mini Kitchens, Tiny Kitchens, Compact Kitchens, Modular Kitchens, Kitchenettes, Student Accomodation Kitchens, Office Kitchens & Commercial Kitchen are for small spaces or for minimalist cooking solutions. Our bespoke & mid ranged solutions are designed for strength, longevity, functionality and aesthetics & crafted in solid steel, water resistant resin, concrete timber & engineered woods. They are suitable for high end & quality apartments, quality lettings, micro flats, student accommodation, office kitchens, tea points, catering training kitchens, church canteens, dental and medical & as portable field kitchens for the armed forces.


Free Standing Kitchens

The framework of our free standing kitchen is in aluminium or for even stronger self-support we recommend steel. No walls are needed to carry the weight, meaning you can literally take your kitchen with you, when you move. The kitchen is also suited for kitchen office, lounge or office framing system or simply a prestige refreshment point in any executive environment. A bespoke design service is available, including provision for modern drawer systems.



Catering Kitchens

With over 35 years experience in catering kitchen design and installation, we will ensure every element of your project is designed to your specification. All the elements of food safety, health and hygiene, menu, clientele, staffing and budget are considered when designing your kitchen. When the kitchen is installed, it will truly reflect the nature and high standards of your business. A full consultancy service of menu development and training to support your design and installation is available on request.

Outdoor Patio Kitchen Projects

We create or refurbish existing patios and canopy areas and complete the project with our handmade bespoke outdoor kitchens. You can choose from either our patent protected High Density Resin (HDR) water resistant door fronted kitchens. They are uniquely built by the  cabinet to order or alternatively you can have a steel kitchen design. This collection features both, with practical cooking facilities, giving a touch of class, to your home, roof top garden, urban garden, business development or catering event.



Resin Kitchens & Corian Kitchens

Eye catching, made to order antibacterial Resin Acrylic materials & Corian give your fitted kitchen project a smooth flowing run. This is achieved by using a thermoforming process. It enables the creation of clean lines curved doors, cabinets, drawers & symmetrical wall units.

Yakisugi Kitchen Collection

“Yakisugi” (its other known name) is an Ancient Japanese method of firing or charring timber to preserve it. The technique is inspired by nature and the woods natural textures and colours. Caution, timing, and patience in the preparation & charring of sustainable wood is the key to the fitted kitchen finish. A modern water-resistant finish is added to the wood in the process of handcrafting. Your beautiful kitchen, is then delivered and installed.

Disability Kitchen Design & Installation

We are happy to adapt your kitchen for disabled use, with access design so that we can create your dream kitchen, and give you, your cooking freedom. The latest technology such as mechanised suspension worktops and specialised storage solutions can be incorporated into your design. Featured below are some examples. Kitchens from our other collections can also be adapted for this purpose.

Kitchen Finishes & Kitchen Accessories

The Gallery’s kitchen finishing and kitchen accessories portfolio is a treasure trove for design conscious clientele who seek that very personal touch. You can individualise and specially signature your kitchen or design project. State of the art cabinetry & components, bespoke trims, mechanisation, inlaying, glass, unique handles, atmospheric lighting, carving, name engraving, commission veneering or fabric finishes are a few examples of how we achieve this. 

Glass work For Kitchen Doors & Splashbacks

The Gallery will bespoke kiln fire splash backs for your kitchen. This example above is our stunning Spanish Wall Art Piece which can be fused into a kitchen door, Main doors or simply fitted as a splash back or designed as coasters and tiles. For clients seeking a unique finish to their kitchen, we are happy to take time to design you a commission piece glass finish in the colours of your choice. Personal graphics can be added to your design so that you can tell your story, send a special message to a loved one or even add a business statement to a commercial project.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage solutions by combining traditional carpentry skills with the latest technology innovation, The Gallery will design as much bespoke storage for you as you need in your kitchen. Exclusive storage designed into your kitchen is not gimmicky. It is every day functional design, so you can enjoy your kitchen and make the best of it with a certain amount of panache and style. Be it hidden drawers, closing solutions or elements of design that take the breath away, we know from experience our clients actually benefit and use all the features of the kitchens that we design for them.


We will complement your design or project using natures beautifully formed materials such as granite, onyx or timber. Alternatively choose from steel, concrete, corian, resin, composite or engineered finishes. Fusions of materials and bespoke featured work is available on request. The possibilities are limitless.

Kitchen Appliances

Your Kitchen will be designed with kitchen appliances to your specification & requirements. The appliances that we supply and install, range from state of the art functional equipment to mid ranged quality solutions. This enables you to test and practise your culinary skills, discover new cooking methods and fully enjoy your completed kitchen in true Gallery style.

Kitchen Flooring & Dining Flooring

The Gallery provides various bespoke, contemporary and traditional flooring finishes including Japanese fire Shou Sugi Ban, natural and composite stone, heated concrete, ceramic, timber, reclaimed wood, resin, Karndean, Amtico, engineered wood and laminates. The art of good floor design is to balance colour with depth to your kitchen. It sets the tone of the room as you walk in and reflects your personality. When the room is close to glass patio or Bi-fold doors, it often makes sense to carry similar colours to the outside, which through glass projection can make the inside space feel much larger.



Kitchen Gallery Design Consultancy, Gallery Kitchen Design, Interiors & Furniture & G2Techk Solar Heating & Energy's Booking T&C's

Our Kitchen Gallery Design Consultancy service is available for projects where their is urgent structural or maintenance required and or where there are safety concerns regarding electrical, gas and utility services and or where separate contract design and consultancy service are required in advance of the main project. Click on the image or title above for more information. 

Feel free to book an appointment consultation at our Halifax kitchen, bedroom and interiors showroom, by calling us on 01422 349040 or email whilst giving us some brief information about your project or by completing our ‘contact us’ web page. This will help us authenticate your enquiry and help us to better understand your project needs. It is not a problem if you are based long distance and in that event then simply email us with that information and we can arrange with you an initial conference call to discuss your project. You may call in if you so chose but its best to book in advance or to call to book a full consultation by phone, video conference or at your home building or premises to discuss your project. 

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