Yacht Refurbishment

Innovation, Design & Installation

Yacht Refurbishment, Yacht Furniture, Yacht Interior Design, Yacht Refit & Installation, Yacht Kitchens, Boat Interiors & Galley Kitchens from Gallery Kitchen Design, Interiors & Furniture & our sister operation Yacht Interiors & Galley Kitchens.


Yacht refurbishment, yacht Interior design, yacht furnishings, yacht furniture, Yacht Kitchens, yacht refit & boat interiors can be commissioned from Gallery kitchen Design, Interiors & Furniture and Yacht Interiors & Galley Kitchens. Consultation, design and installation services are available for the yacht build and yacht refurbishment industry including interiors, décor, galley kitchens, yacht kitchens, furniture, glasswork & glass art.


Interiors, Furnishing & Finishes

Yacht Interior design, Yacht furnishings, yacht furniture, yacht refit, yacht refurbishment & boat interiors for entertaining, dining, lounging & cabin facilities are featured in this collection. Natural, hybrid, Hi-tech materials, décor and finishes are utilised in our design solutions. We always work closely with you the client to accommodate your design ideas and aspirations. 

Galley Kitchens & Yacht Kitchens

Yacht kitchens & galley Kitchens are designed, crafted and installed by our specialist fabrication team for some of the most luxurious super yachts and exclusive sailing boats. A portfolio of work is at hand to demonstrate that everything you need for entertaining and dining both in and out of port is incorporated into your design. We are also happy to design, supply and organise installation of other styles and types of kitchens as featured in the kitchen section of this website. Where requested, this includes much simpler boat kitchens and craft solutions.



Small Boat Kitchens, Canal Boat Kitchens, Marine Kitchens, Micro Kitchens & Mini Kitchens.

8 Styles Of Exclusive & Cost Effective Marine Kitchens, Small Boat Kitchens & Canal Boat kitchens, Micro Kitchens, Mini Kitchens, Tiny Kitchens, Compact Kitchens, Modular Kitchens & Kitchenettes.


Micro Kitchens, Mini Kitchens, Tiny Kitchens, Compact Kitchens, Modular Kitchens, Kitchenettes are essentially the different names for a kitchen designed to fit into a small space or for a minimalist cooking solution. This collection features bespoke and mid ranged kitchens that are designed for strength, longevity, functionality and aesthetics and using materials such as solid steel, HDR water resistant resin, concrete, timber and engineered woods.


They are also suitable for all kinds of boats and marine usage as well as for high end apartments, quality developments, exclusive lettings, micro flats, student accommodation, office tea points, catering kitchens, training kitchens, church canteens, dental and medical furniture, staff canteen kitchens & Office Kitchens & can be used as portable field kitchens for the armed forces.

Furniture & Sculptures

Unique Yacht furniture is handcrafted by The Gallery. This includes commission organic timber furniture, sculptures and art work. We work with burr woods, timbers, stone, granite, glass and also create in modern materials.

Contact Information For Yacht Refurbishment, Interiors & Kitchens

For all enquiries or to book consultation, design and installation services email:  yachtinteriors&kitchens@gallerykitchendesign.co.uk

Yacht Glasswork & Yacht Glass Art

Yacht glass work & Yacht glass art from The Gallery includes kiln fired bespoke glass work, wall art, glass sculptures, in lay design for doors and mirrors or even for tiles and personalised coasters and or crockery. We are happy to take time to design you a commission piece glass finish in the colours of your choice. Personal graphics can be added so that you can tell your story, send a special message to a loved one or for example, highlight a business name or the name of your boat into the design. 

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