Solar Battery Energy Storage (BESS), Inverter, PV Voltage Optimisation & Energy Management.


The latest hybrid battery system technology justifies booking in a survey with us for everyone with existing solar or those wanting solar installed. We also have battery solutions that give you the option of charging up on your energy providers cheaper off peak rates.


Residential Battery Storage


Advances in this technology means it can track if you are out of the home by power demand and therefore means storing up to 75% of your energy that is made in the day time that would normally be transferred to the power grid. Therefore storing that energy makes sense giving the user, up to 80 to 90% increase in their solar energy supply.


The technology also allows you to charge up the battery at cheaper rate off peak times at night from the power grid meaning you can use that energy the following morning. We have systems that allow you to use the stored batter energy for electric vehicle charging (E V) with remote control options  or so you can sell unwanted energy to another customer who has a similar connecting hybrid system installed.


Commercial Battery Storage


Commercial battery storage solutions assist to increase performance and storage of energy for your own use and give you detailed monitoring of your solar p v. Through a specific control and monitoring system this will also help you with any warranty claim issues should you have an inverter failure or alternatively should you ever have any panel performance issues.


For medium and high energy users in business, the system is a “no brainer” because it allows you to use the energy later and dramatically helping to lower your energy bill. In many cases, on a large PV system installation you can cover your entire electrical usage needs.


Latest Inverter, Energy Management & Optimisation Technology.


Micro Inverter enables direct solar panel control. It is designed to deal with issues of shading, allows the use of multiple roofs which standard solar string inverter systems cannot control. Installing Solar optimiser techology with a string inverter can also provide a similar solution. Manufacturers claim that these technologies can increase the energy generation on a solar system by as much as 30%. This additional energy could increase your tariff and or export energy payments, lowering your energy bills and reduce further your reliance on grid power. 

PV & Grid Voltage Optimisers.


Standard inverter voltage protection systems switch off your solar during peak generation when above 243 V occurs. This results in reduced yield and loss to generation, tariff payments and energy savings. This commonly affects buildings and properties in isolated areas and sometimes in other locations.


We install residential, commercial and industrial PV optimisation systems that help with this problem by simply turning down the voltage in a similar way to how grid and commercial voltage optimisers work and are reported to increase yield of up to an additional 15%  in energy generation. This again reduces your reliance on grid energy power and therefore helps to lower energy bills.



Over voltage causes solar inverters to cut off at peak time, losing you energy and reducing tariff payments. Our PV optimisation systems help with this by reducing the voltage at peak times and are reported to save an up to an additional 15%  that can be lost in some circumstances. This again reduces your reliance on grid energy power and therefore can help with lowering energy bills.

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