Solar Canopies, Solar Verandas, Solar Pergolas, Solar Terraces & Solar Awnings With BIPV Technology.


Solar canopies, solar carports, solar verandas, solar pergolas, solar terraces, solar awnings, solar carports, solar windows and solar glass are expertly installed by G2Techk & The Gallery. We have specially developed and customised to order ‘built in photovoltaics’ (BIPV) solar technology that is integrated into our outdoor steel frames.

Our solar frame solutions help you to generate and save energy and therefore helping to recoup on your investment and setting off the costs of the installation. This is achieved through the solar glass generating energy from the sun and battery storage, and it is important to consider that by installing our solar canopies you are adding value to your home.


Utilising our own developed energy calculation system, we can demonstrate to our Clients estimated energy generation and savings and payback periods based on the technical design of our solutions, other considerations and the manufacturing solar cell performance warranty of 25 to 30 years and compare that against rising inflationary energy costs.

It is also important to consider that our in house designed and fabricated solar canopies, verandas, awnings, pergolas and carports are also life style solutions and investments for your home, business or building.  Although we have an example of a two timber frame systems on here, we recommend our steel frames, or our reinforced aluminium frame system for smaller projects. This is because the  steel frames last longer than timber and aluminium frames ones and steel, being more structrally sound, also takes the weight of our bespoke BIPV solar panels so much better. 

We are happy to report that that we use the latest ‘Bi-Facial’ solar cell technology. This means that the solar cells absorb the sun’s energy from both sides . The solar cells are also formed into frameless all glass panels, which means with no back shading cover, then energy absorption and generation is further increased. The bespoke solar glass panels are integrated into our impressive steel frames. This means our system will out perform, out last and have a higher efficiency level than lesser life span, light weight standard aluminium frames that only use thin plastic film solar panels, with their limited performance warranty and their average low efficiency rates of around only 6 to 8%.


Standard thin film aluminium frame systems are also vulnerable to prematurely deteriorate as a consequence of the silicon carbon reaction on the plastic film used in their manufacturing process. This means that thin film systems age much quicker than our glass panel system and therefore thin film energy generation and solar returns are lower than what our technology will return. You do not have all of these issues with our system.  


The solar cells in our BIPV glass also create partial shading. The amount of cells can be varied to allow more light through but you should consider that the more solar cell area coverage on the panels, the more energy created. However, the BIPV glass allows enough light through them to give warmth from the sun and so that it is not too dark below your frame. The cells also have a two-tone style design feature in the glass panels, making them very pleasing to the eye.

Our steel or extra strength carbon steel frames are powder painted to your choice of colour. You can choose from an extensive collection of bespoke designs in both traditional and contemporary styles frames to more traditional and customised to order exclusive designs with detailing. As our integrated frameless solar glass panels are made to order, the size and power wattage required are calculated so that our clients can generate as much energy as possible within the variance of weather patterns and long life cycle of the solar cells. 

With depleting fossil fuel energy supplies, it is a good time to install & help the environment. It therefore makes sense to have your own backup or alternative energy source through solar and those of you with existing solar panels who wish you could generate more energy, then installing one of a solar canopy, veranda, awning or pergola or even carports as an add on technology will enable you to boost your energy generation.

If your roof is not suitable for solar panels, then our solar canopies, verandas, pergolas, awnings and carports are the solution by commissioning us to install them in your garden, or on land or leaning on to your home property or building.

You can call in at our solar energy and low carbon heating showroom, although with our busy schedules it is best to start the process with a phone call or by email or via our contact page message form where you can arrange an initial conference call by phone, video, zoom or teams. This will enable us to discuss the project with you whilst also looking at your property, land or building with you on Google Earth.


We respectfully ask this to enable us to consider your project as we need some information about your property, its layout, location of electrical points, energy usage, building structure and ground and land surface and it helps us if you can clarify what your general plans are for the property or building. You can also send us this information in advance by email and sending us photographs of the proposed development area, property wall and land are always good too. This helps us to understand your requirements and the project and to authenticate your enquiry. Thereafter, we can book an appointment at your property, premises or business for an initial survey.

Our solar canopies, verandas, awnings, pergolas, solar glass houses and conservatories should also be considered as an extension to your home, building or premises and certainly give you valuable extra living or working space. They give you 365-day, all year round usage and it means you can relax in them even during the winter months, especially with our installed heating option (See below). Click here to view our solar glass house, solar conservatory and solar greehouse section of this website.

To see how you can relax in your solar canopy, veranda, awning, pergola, solar glass house or solar conservatory in the winter by adding our outdoor infrared heating system to the installation please Click Here.

Any excess power you make using your solar can be used later with optional battery energy storage.  You can also click here for direct access to that section of our website.

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