Hand built La Cornue Oven, Lacanche Range Ovens, Cookers and Kitchens From Gallery Kitchen Design Halifax, Leeds, Harrogate, Cheshire & London. 


The epitome of hand craftsmanship is demonstrated in exclusive French La Cornue Ovens (Est 1908) & Lacanche Range Ovens & Cookers (Est in the 1800s). These are designed to complement with fusions of both traditional and modern kitchen design in this collection. These ovens also feature in the homes of some of the most prominent Chefs in the Catering industry.


Perfection is sought in the design of the ovens and the materials used in their construction are of the highest standard.  There are many colour ranges to choose from. Each Style of oven can be designed into your kitchen as either stand alone or as part of a run of ranges in the room.


At the bottom section on this page we feature a selection of traditionally finished bespoke exclusive and limited addition steel hand built kitchens designs. You can choose to add accented British, French or Italian motifs, crests or cartouche and or fine metallic steel, brass or copper finishing (optional door trims available too) and stylised to Lacanche, La Cornue or alternative bespoke custom built range ovens and extraction systems. Limited addition handles can be designed into the kitchen and where requested feature glass can be fused into steel cabinetry doors.

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