Out door Patio Kitchen Projects

We create or refurbish existing patios and canopy areas and complete the project with our handmade bespoke outdoor kitchens. You can choose from either our patent protected High Density Resin (HDR) water resistant kitchens or alternatively have a steel kitchen design. This collection features both, with practical cooking facilities, giving a touch of class, to your home, roof top urban garden, business development or catering event.

The kitchens are designed, supplied and installed to order with the latest state of the art appliances, char grills and pizza oven solutions. Commission door styling, painting and finishing is available, and the kitchens can also be fitted inside too.

Our bespoke building & installation service is available to construct your patio, canopy, veranda or pergola to give you all year-round weather and sun protection. Please refer to our building and exterior design & solar heating and energy sections of this website for these solutions and for adding outdoor heating and solar PV glass solutions.


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