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The Gallery and its sister company G2Techk Solar, Heating & Energy have been solar panel installers and solar panel suppliers for solar photovoltaics (PV) since 2011. Our customers know we provide a reliable and efficient service.  We provide solar photovoltaics PV systems, solar battery storage, solar and battery optimisation, solar maintenance and solar repair on existing solar systems. Our highly trained local technicians in Halifax, London & and our team throughout the UK will survey your property to demonstrate to you how much it will cost you and just how much money you could be saving. We also provide a Europe & International consultancy and installation service. 

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert by the suns solar power (sunlight) into clean, renewable electricity. Although South facing installation is preferred for optimal orientation, systems facing East and West also generate substantial amounts of electricity. PV systems generate electricity throughout the year as they do not require direct sunlight to work. This means that they will even operate in diffuse sunlight on overcast days.

With electricity prices going beyond record levels and set to rise significantly in the future, there has never been a better time to invest in a PV system.  Solar remains a great investment.

See the information below of The Gallery and G2Techk’s advice, design and installation services for heating, Solar Canopy, verandas, pergolas, car port and car charging systems as well as other associated technologies.

Solar PV Residential, Commercial & Other Buildings

As our fossil fuels deplete, installing your own solar panel energy system is important and makes sense. Statistics in 2018 indicated that over 65% of the UK public would like to install solar. We are experts in the design and installation of solar for both homes, businesses of all sizes, commercial solar farms, forecourts, churches, schools, farms and other buildings. Click on the title or image above for more information and examples of our installation projects.







Solar Canopies, Verandas, Pergolas, Terraces, & Awnings

The Gallery & G2Techk has specially developed ‘built in PV’ (BIPV) solar technology for its outdoor steel & timber patio canopies, verandas, pergolas, Terraces & Awnings. This allows you to offset some of the cost of the project. This is achieved through the solar glass generating energy from the sun, and the savings on your energy bills. 


Patio, Canopy, Conservatory & Restaurant Bespoke Heating

This visually stunning and very practical infra-red heating system is reasonably priced for the state of the art technology that it is. The heater is also the chosen one for some of the world’s finest homes, conservatories, patios, under canopy, roof top gardens, celebrity restaurants, exclusive hotels and businesses. 

Infrared Heating & Low Carbon Heating

The latest infra-red heating solutions, carbon wall heating system and similar technologies are featured in this section. Passive house heating & heating systems for new build homes, businesses and buildings. Our Heating systems can be fitted for refurbishment and modernisation & redevelopment projects.

Solar Car Port & Car Chargers

We custom make bespoke steel fabrication carport frames for both the home and for commercial installations. The Frames are integrated with solar glass panel built in PV (BIPV). This enables you to either use the energy for electric car charging, and use for the home or business. 

Solar Glass House, Greenhouse, Conservatories & Orangeries

We combine state of art manufacturing with interior design to create multi or single use conservatories & glasshouses. Integrated solar PV technologies help you generate free energy whilst you enjoy both sun and some shade. 


Solar Swimming Pool & Leisure Design

Solar swimming pools designed with or retro fitted with solar glass house frames are an ideal way of creating extra energy to help heat your pool or to store excess energy for your home. It can help to power Jacuzzis and Saunas and the power cells in the glass visually look great as part of the design.


Bespoke Heating Design

The very latest bespoke Bio Ethanol, wood & pellet burning fires and stoves can be designed and installed with your project, into your home or business. Manual and automatic systems, wall mounted, built in and free-standing fires are an available option.

Solar Tiles, Solar Slates & Listed Building Solutions.

Technological advances means that solar panels can now be integrated into building roofs so that they are flush with regular roofing tiles. Our aesthetic heritage solar slate and solar tile systems solve listed building requirements. We also install a terracotta spliced solar PV panel that blends with rosemary & clay tiles is also part of our portfolio. State of the art curved solar glass tiles offer a modern look to the installation and reported higher energy generation. Click on the title or images above to find out more.





Solar Heating, Geo Thermal & Air Source Heat Pump

Our sister operation G2Techk, installs the latest solar heating, air source heat pump & geo thermal, ground source heating systems. Some of our solutions can work with a conventional gas, electric or hybrid boilers. We can also use solar P V panels and a PV energy diverter system to heat hot water into an immersion system. This means you use either the energy from the sun’s natural heat or that collected from ground or air to heat your home. This in turn saves you cost on ever increasing fossil fuel dependence.

Solar Maintenance, Repair & Service

Inverter technology is now more advanced and reliable. However, in the early years of the solar Feed In Tariff (FIT), many inverters only carried a 5 year warranty. As the tariff scheme ran itself down, many installing companies ceased to exist. This left Solar owners with no one to turn to when inverters or any technical issues occurred. We provide the solution to this with a full service for Solar Panel, inverter & battery upgrade, installation, repair & maintenance. 

Latest Solar & Alternative Energy Technology News

We have a number of associations with inventors, leading scientists, universities and manufacturers of solar, heating and alternative energies. Therefore, we are able to update this website with the latest solar and alternative energy technology. We are currently considering new developments in solar brick wall and window technology featured in the photograph above. View news by clicking on the title or image above.

The latest hybrid battery system technology means everyone with existing solar or having solar installed should book a survey with us. This technology can give you a 80 to 90% increase in your solar energy supply. For those with economy 7 you can also charge up the battery at night on a cheaper rate.

Commercial battery storage solutions assist to increase performance and storage of energy for your own use, give you monitoring to help with any warranty issues and performance saving costs on your energy bill. Micro Inverter technology enables direct solar panel control, multiple roof solar installation and can increase energy generation by as much as 30%. This reduces grid reliance

Over voltage cause solar inverters to cut off at peak time, losing you energy and reducing tariff payments. Our PV Optimisation systems solve this by reducing the voltage at peak times and are reported to save up to 15% increase in energy generation. This again in turn reduces your reliance on grid energy power and therefore can lower energy bills.

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