Verandas Canopies Pergolas Awnings & Carport Design & Installation, traditional & contemporary, painted steel for residential and commercial.


We have an extensive collection of bespoke high performance glass designs in both traditional and contemporary styles. Materials used include steel, carbon steel, painted steel and timber.

To see how you can add our bespoke infra-red heating  system to your canopy, veranda, awning or pergola to give you winter and all year round use of your installation please click here.

Click here to see the very latest BIPV Solar Glass technology that we can integrate into your canopy, pergola, veranda, awning or carport. This is an important option given the energy crisis, rising energy bills and the global push to self generate your own energy. The solar cells can be designed into the panels to offer some shading and helps the installation to pay for itself by the power it generates and the savings on your energy bills.

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