Solar Canopies, Solar Verandas, Solar Pergolas, Solar Terraces & Solar Awnings.


Solar carports, solar verandas, solar pergolas, solar terraces & solar awnings are expertly installed by The Gallery & G2Techk. We have specially developed ‘built in PV’ (BIPV) solar technology for our outdoor steel & timber frames. This allows you to offset some of the cost of the project. This is achieved through the solar glass generating energy from the sun, the savings on your energy bills.


Any excess power you make can be used later with optional battery storage. This therefore helps you to save energy and recoup towards your investment. Spare energy storage is featured in the solar battery category in this solar heating & energy section of this website.


Our steel or extra strength carbon steel frames are powder painted to your choice of colour. You can choose from an extensive collection of bespoke designs in both traditional and contemporary styles.


The integrated solar panels are made to order. The size and power wattage required are calculated so that our clients can generate as much energy as possible. The solar cells in the PV glass create partial shading. However, the PV glass allows enough light through them to give warmth from the sun. The solar cells also have a two-tone style design feature, making them very pleasing to the eye.


With depleting fossil fuel energy supplies it is a good time to install & help the environment. It therefore makes sense to have your own backup energy source through solar or add to existing solar panels that you might already have installed.





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